Best Tennis Shoe for Walking on Concrete 2022

Do you find it tricky to get the perfect pair of shoes yourself? Unfortunately, many people around us don’t know enough about the facts and features of good shoes.

Good shoes are needed for everybody who spends lots of time at work. Indeed, a good performance asks for good shoes.

Buying shoes is not merely a matter of looks. The best shoes not only please your aesthetics but make you feel comfortable and secure with them. After using tennis shoes for a walk, We will help you with the list of the best tennis shoes for walking on concrete. Take a read for an effortless shoe selection.

10 Best Tennis Shoes for Walking on Concrete

1.New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

For years NEW Balance has been a top name in the shoe industry. The brand has always provided athletes with the best shoes to achieve excellence in sports.

The shoe upper is a mix of faux leather and mesh that will help in breathability. It is a durable, lightweight structure design but still gives enough breathing. It has got a unique lace-up design that will offer a secure fit to the feet. The pull tab on the heel will help to make its wear easy.

new balance women 608 v5 casual comfort cross trainernew balance women 608 v5 casual comfort cross trainer

The collar has got dual-density foam system. The softer density foam is for cushioning, and the firmer density foam is for support. So, you will have a good balance. The shoe also comes with a fabric phantom lining that is breathable and odor resistant. 

New Balance Womens 608 V5 trainers have got a unique cushioning feature. They have Eva and polyurethane insoles that give you flexible and firm cushioning. That feature will offer you comfort all around and make the shoes the best shoes to play tennis. In addition, the ABSORB panels in the heels give support and help reduce compression throughout hard heel strikes. 

It is a good thing for athletics that feels very nice on the bottom and legs. These shoes also come with twin density collar foam designed to make your feet touch the greatest. In addition, the foam collar will not let you feel irritated around your ankles.


  • Polyurethane inserts
  • Dual Density Collar Foam
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight trainers
  • ABZORB Technology


  • Limited colorways

These comfortable shoes have flexible outsoles. The flex grooves cover the length of the sole and help to move with ease. The flying NB sign at the tongue and its classic N logo add to the look of these shoes. Keep striking with these shoes on the tennis

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2.Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer ( Best Tennis Shoes for Walking on Concrete)

Many people don’t like insane-colored shoes but want to look cool too. This Nike Air Monarch shoe has got a design that is good for everybody. It has two variants you can choose from, full leather or a mix of mesh and leather.

The shoe has a huge Nike logo on the side. It gives a special appeal to the shoes and helps stand out its wearer among other athletes. The upper is perforated which makes it breathable which is not so common in many sports shoes.

Its standard lacing system has got an extra lace hold for a secure fit. The shoes are enough roomy. They come in multiple width options that the best part for men and women with wide feet. The leather overlays on the upper are good for durability and support and the netting tongue enhances breathability


  • Multiple width options
  • Uncommon and stylish
  • Very affordable
  • Natural motion


  • Squeaky sounds

Many tennis shoe professionals reviewed Nike Air Monarch IV best for its comfort while playing and performing regular activities. Overall the product gives adequate quality for an average price.

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3.Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

These shoes will remind you of the superstars a little because they look similar to their white and black ones. They both have got the white upper and black straps with simple ground cords.

This shoe upper is made of synthetic leather that feels smooth. It has got a rubber sole and three Adidas’ iconic stripes on the inside.

You will find the Adidas logo on its tongue, on the side of the rubber sole, and on the back of the shoe. The honeycomb pattern covers the entire bottom of the shoe. That will give a good grip on hard concrete floors.

It will also provide a light feel to your daily walking and running.

This shoe provides cloud foam comfort, which is an EVA insole and Eva lining under it. If you take out the insole, you will see it is pretty springy, unlike other cheap-feeling insoles. The shoe gives further padding underneath the insole that gives it double- padding. No doubt, Grand Court could be one of the super comfortable women’s athletic shoes.

If you like snug fit shoes, go for your proper size. But for extra space, you can go for a half size up. Overall, it is a very comfortable tennis shoe. It will do good on various hard surfaces—definitely, a good option for the ladies who work for long hours.


  • Beautiful colorways
  • Comfy Cloudfoam sock liner
  • Lightweight to wear all-day


  • May cause blisters sometimes

Adidas Women’s Grand Court is tennis-inspired comfortable shoes for everyday wear. It comes in a beautiful colorway with plenty of options to choose from. Its look, durability, comfort, and lightweight make them the best tennis shoes for walking on concrete.

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4.New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe

It is a super-looking shoe. It comes in various colorways. Leaving any of them is not going to be easy for you. The unique foamy heels on the back add lots of character to these sneakers. They are truly unique in their athletic style.

They have got fresh foam midsoles made from a single foam piece. Their foamy midsoles will leave you with a feeling of walking on clouds. The lightweight midsoles are also very responsive. Their lightweight design offers a cushioned ride.

The brand has done great in designing these shoes. Its Ultra heel is pretty padded inside. It gives you great comfort and lets your heel sink into it. It will hug your foot from the back for a supportive fit.

You will appreciate its cushioned heels after being on your feet all day.

These sneakers are light in weight. Despite a chunkier midsole, they still feel so lightweight and comfortable to walk.

The shoes have got perforated fabric on the toe area that makes them very breathable.


  • lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible and cushioned
  • Inexpensive and fashionable
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • A broad range of colorways
  • Comfortable for walking and standing


  • May slip on wet surfaces
  • Not waterproof

Its rubber sole looks durable. The flex groove pattern on the sole will do well on the traction. However, the sole might lose grip on wet floors. But overall, these are very recommendable sneakers for walking on concrete.

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5.New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer

Many people have to carry extra pair of shoes at work with them. But not everybody is happy to buy more shoes and spend more money on them. These shoes are ideal for them as they will give you the benefit of more than one pair. They are affordable, stylish, comfortable, and durable. They are perfect for people constantly moving during their work shifts.

The fabric synthetic upper is comfortable. The shoes have got lace-up closure that will give a secure fit. For additional comfort, they give you a padded collar and tongue. They have comfy fabric lining on the inside of the shoe that offers a nice feeling. They have got NEW Balance memory foam footbeds.

They are removable; you can have your orthotics in them. On the bottom, these sneakers have got a durable rubber outsole. The durable rubber sole will offer an excellent grip and resistance. The slip resistance serves well to the people walking on concrete often.

Apart from these shoes’ good performance they look so stylish to wear. They are very snazzy and cool. You will get enough compliments on them. We found many folks out there who were complaining of pain in their ankles. They gave them a try now, are pain-free. They are well designed to keep problem-prone feet in the form


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Easy lace-up closure
  • Rounded toe
  • Comfy fabric lining
  • Uncut memory foam inserts


  • It ran small for some folks

They are suitable for routine errands but are super ideal for daily workouts. The workout was never that comfortable before these shoes. One can buy them for training but can not resist wearing them all time. Move with confidence with these rakish New balance cross-trainers.

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6.Wonesion Women’s Athletic Blade Non-Slip Tennis Fashion Sneakers

These tennis shoes are for people who will love comfortable and practical sneakers. They are not super expensive. You can get these funky, sporty shoes at a regular tennis shoe price.

They have a mesh material upper that is not very porous like a sports jersey, still is breathable. The shoe is properly- padded and has got a deep sole inside of the shoe.

You will get a nice pull tab on the back and a nylon ribbon with some printing that will go around the shoe. The side saddles on the sides enhance the style of the sneakers. The saddles are pretty flexible and seem durable. Interestingly, they make a loop on the back. The loop can help in putting on the shoe.

The striking part of these sneakers is their web-looking sole. The holes in the soles are pretty wide that you can see through them. The sole is quite flexible and able to absorb most impacts.

The sneakers look tough to clean, but they are not. You need to step in some water and splash. All the dirty stuff will go off like that.


  • Long-lasting for prolonged wear
  • Supports foot while running
  • Breathable upper for walking
  • well-cushioned
  • Unusual design


  • The colors are too bright

The foot will feel a little higher on the deck because of its cushioning. The comfortable heel will make you fall like on a trampoline. The horseshoe of the heel will make the most difference. It has a big circumference, that’s why you will not feel any pressure there. They are sporty; they are uncommon, they are from Wonesion.

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7.ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes for walking on concrete.

Here come the most classic shoes that have always been ASICS Gel-Kayano with its all-new features and updates. The Asics have built the same flyte foam technology; this great foam gives supreme cushioning and gives you enough energy return. Asics have given the GEL technology in the heels too. The thicker soft EVA insoles give you enhanced cushioning while running or walking on concrete.

The insoles are detachable. It is very convenient to replace them with custom insoles. The three outstanding features of the shoe, the flyte foam, GEL, and insoles, make the shoe ideal for a well-cushioned ride. You can use them in your daily everyday training runs, long-distance runs, and some shorter runs. That makes these shoes suitable for you. 

There is some difference in the male and female design. The men’s version comes with a rustic system that gives support inside the arch. The Female version comes with the pastoral approach that provides support over the curvy front of the action of your step. The female version has 3mm extra on the outsole and features a more flexible midsole, improving both male and female running stability. 

The mesh upper in model 27 is more breathable than the previous model. The softer shoe sole will give a more natural roll to both men and women through a complete walk cycle. The Asics has used duo max technology here to help overpronation. That means the shoe has firmer foam inside that will neutralize your stride when running. That will give you enough support and keep you safe from injuries.


  • GEL technology cushioning system
  • Flyte foam technology for great responsiveness
  • More breathable than the previous model
  • Eva insoles for enhanced cushioning
  • Perfect choice for everyday and professional runners


  • Some complaints of less cushioning

All the features it has, make it a great shoe for medium to long-distance runs. If you are deeming for the best support and comfortable shoes go for ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 blindly.

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8.K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe /Best shoes for sprinting on concrete

K-Swiss launched this as a tennis training shoe. Now, It has become the preference of many customers for their everyday errands, outdoors, and runs. The ease and elasticity of the shoe have made it pretty famous. It has got many other features that make it the best match for your needs.

The brand offers its users to select the color and design of their choice for this model. You can have this model in different earthy tones. So, you have an option to choose what best compliments your style.

This great-looking shoe has solid leather upper. Its padded collar and padded tongue offer a snug fit to the user. It has a soft fabric lining on the inside. The EVA sock liner will give additional comfort with every single stride. The shock spring on the outsole provides immense cushioning in the forefoot and heels.

The EVA midsole is going to give additional shock absorption and comfort. The lacing system gives them a sleek look.

The footbeds are removable. You will get shock spring technology on the back suitable for all sorts of shock absorbency.

The aggressive tread pattern on the bottom gives strong traction and grip. Its memory footbed and K-EVA cushioned midsole corroborate most comfort in paragon style.


  • Well-designed for athletes
  • Solid and durable
  • Offers enough grip on multiple surfaces
  • Removable footbeds for custom padding
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Give great sock absorbancy
  • Excellent choice for outdoors


  • Some complaints of less cushioning

On the bottom, the shoe has got Dragger rubber outsole. It is significantly comfortable and keeps your feet fine and relaxed. Take your walk to the next level with these excellent shoes. Go get these awesome pair of shoes from K-Swiss now.

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9.Nike Wonen’s Air Max Torch 4 Running Sneaker

This Nike shoe was first launched in September. Since then it’s a regular choice of many people to this day. It is an attractive design. It is so durable that anybody will wear it without having any fear of damage. It has got various technologies that assist the user in experiencing a comfy ride.

The outsole of the shoe is built with rubber that has a groove pattern on it. The durable rubber can combat the different harsh conditions. The insoles of the boots are nominal. Nike has given more foam support on the back of the shoe this time. This minimal insole helps in the shoe’s comfortability. On the whole, more minor is better with this shoe from Nike.

The shoe upper is constructed with layers on layers. It is a blend of both mesh and fabric materials. This blend of material helps in breathability and relaxation. The shoe toe box also gives ample space for foot movement. The shoes are very light and super affordable. They are suitable for working out but also excellent for walking.

Nike has given the shoe proper cushioning. The wearer needs not worry about his on-foot experience with these shoes. Its unique design with layered upper that offers multiple colorways is a treat to the eyes. The different design of the shoe gives it priority over other shoes. Overall, These are versatile shoes that you can also use with your clothing. It doesn’t matter whether you wear them for your walking purpose or to look fashionable.


  • Well-designed for athletes
  • Solid and durable
  • Offers enough grip on multiple surfaces
  • Removable footbeds for custom padding
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Give great sock absorbancy
  • Excellent choice for outdoors


  • Some complaints of less cushioning

The sole of the Torch 4 is comparatively solid as compared to many shoes of this quality. Nike offers reasonable protection because of the fantastic workmanship they have used in the shoes. Nike has given the differently good-looking shoe in the form of Air Max Torch 4. People are not gonna find a better deal for this price. 

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