Best Shoe For Working On Concrete 2022

Working on the concrete floor every day is not an easy task. If you get the wrong shoes by chance, they will double up your work. Similarly, the right shoes will not make you feel like working. You have right to know about the Best Shoe For Working On Concrete

They will make your work hours pleasurable and do everything needed to be comfortable. However, unsupported and uncomfortable shoes can cause multiple issues that will cost you more than anything.

They say that prevention is better than cure. So, before buying any shoes, spend some quality minutes reading reviews. They will help you to find your perfect shoes for sure.

The nature of jobs is different for different people. Some need durability, some need comfort, and some will ask for cushioning. But the right shoes will be giving you that all. So here we made an effort to help you with your selection of shoes. First, we listed down some quality shoes that are solely made to perform at work.

9-Best Shoe for Working on Concrete

1.Dr. Scholl’s Shoes men’s Harrington II

Working on the concrete floor every day is not an easy task. If you get the wrong shoes by chance, they will double up your work. Similarly, the right shoes will not make you feel like working. 

They will make your work hours pleasurable and do everything needed to be comfortable. However, unsupported and uncomfortable shoes can cause multiple issues that will cost you more than anything. 

If you love formal shoes to wear at work with incredible safety features and a very affordable price. Without any doubt, these are the shoes made for you. The shoe construction is very lightweight and flexible. They are made of 100% leather and are polish able too. It’s a lace-up design with four eyelets that make it a sleek design.

 The remarkable thing about the shoes is their comfortability and their excellent cushioning. It’s way better than the cushioning in other shoes there in the market. In addition, because they have memory foam insoles with anti-compression technology, these shoes have high-rebound midsoles that will offer effective shock absorption and minimize your foot pressure and move with them. 

The other prominent feature is its moisture-wicking lining inside, which helps in odor prevention. Now, removing shoes before others is not a problem anymore with these shoes. The outsoles of these shoes are made with solid rubber material that is supremely oil and slips resistant.

These anti-slip shoes fit perfectly to your feet and offer you the utmost comfort and protection. In addition, they are one of the most durable shoes that work best for factory workers who have to work on hard surfaces all day. 


  • 100% leather
  • Oil and slips resistant
  • Memory foam insoles with anti-compression
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • True to size


  • Some reported that memory foam is short in size

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A friend’s husband has to work for 45-48 hours in a grocery store. It’s his requirement to wear an anti-slip shoe at work. As he works as a manager he could not go with some athletic shoes. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes was the perfect choice for him. Those were the only shoes that were perfectly suitable for his work conditions. He felt great in Harrington II. Thanks to DR. Scholl who make great shoes at a very affordable price.

2.New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe  B012PVZJAC

The upper of these shoes is made of leather. The leather material is very strong and smooth which helps to keep your feet protected. They have got a steel toe on the front. That will give the shoes great durability. The shoes have gussets on both sides of the tongue. The gussets are used to strengthen the whole shoe structure and add additional load carrying capacity. They will also resist debris entering and irritating your feet.

The collar and tongue have got lots of padding around to make them comfortable to feel. The footbeds come with a nice amount of cushioning to make your foot at rest in the shoes. Then the midsole has got ABZORB technology that gives good shock absorption with every single step you will take. On the bottom down you will be getting a very solid and strong outsole that works great for slip resistance. The combo of compression and cushioning and its underfoot comfort will keep you safe and sheltered all day.

They are very easy to wipe. If they get muddy from digging at work you just need to scrub them with laundry soap and a brush. They are all new back again.


  • Leather upper
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Comfortable rounded toe
  • Lace-up closure makes it stylish
  • Padded footbeds
  • Sloid shoe construction
  • Internal shank for extra stability and support


  • Only available in two clours

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The features altogether make them the best shoes for factory work. These walking work shoes will really help to work on hard concrete floors. Keep your feet restful all day with these men’s slip-resistant from New Balance.

3.Skechers Men’s Segment Rilar Oxford B00VVM7GKS

People love sketchers for their safety and durability. They will not mind even paying an extra cost for them. These classically designed sketchers are 100% leather-made. The smooth oiled leather upper gives a lightly rugged finish and looks fantastic. These shoes can go really well with casual dressing and jeans too. The shoes have got air-cushion support in the collar area. They also offer you memory foam cushioning and footpads. They feel incredibly comfortable the moment you push in there.

The soft fabric lining inside gives a nice feel. Its rounded toe perfectly fits the shape of your foot. This oxford design offers a strong construction.  The rubber sole is exceptionally durable and has a long life. The midsoles are shock absorbing and supportive. The built-in 1-inch heel adds to your height. The extra room in the shoes will allow you to wear extra pair of socks if needed. If you are searching for shoes that are pretty decent and good to wear for industrial work.  The shoes with sturdy soles and comfy on sore feet. The Skechers Men’s Segment Rilar Oxford will prove the most suited choice for them. Its sole works incredible if your job requires you to be on inconsistent hard surfaces for long hours. It provides enough traction in different conditions. They are the best shoes for working on concrete floors. 


  • Smooth oiled leather material upper
  • Rounded toe front for easy movement
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Relaxed fit shoes
  • Great traction
  • Comfortable to run
  • Worth the price


  • Darker than the pictures

A photographer strongly recommended these shoes after his happy experience with them. He has to be on his feet for 6 to 8 hours for photo shoots. He also has to kneel and climb on tricky spots to get his perfect clicks. The cushioning of the shoes really helped him with foot fatigue. They felt very light to wear and will not overheat. They are so versatile and will not make you look out of place even when you are properly dressed up. You can wear them as your regular shoes every day.

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4.Shoes for Crews Men’s Endurance II Non Slip Food Service Work Shoes

The brand has been designing exclusive footwear since 1984. The prime feature of the shoes has always been their non-slip outsoles. The outsoles offer great stability and help you to perform the best in the shoes. These shoes are very lightweight and ventilated. They give you a natural fit and make your every step easier. It’s a perfect choice to wear every day.

They offer a spill guard inside the shoes that protects your feet by resisting any liquids from spilling. They come with well-cushioned removable insoles. The insoles provide a comfy inner layer that helps in reducing pressure from standing and working on concrete floors for long hours.

The shoes are water-resistant and very suitable for multiple weather conditions. Its non-slip design will reduce the chance of falling on smooth and sleek floorings and also protects you from slipping on spilled liquids. With its lace-up design, you can also customize your fit every time.


  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfort with style
  • Excellent for low sneakers lovers


  • Not available in many colors

The mother of a friend loves to be in the kitchen and cooking most of her time. She has to do dishes too that can sometimes cause spilling water or liquids. She was badly in need of anti-slip footwear to avoid any risk of slipping and falling on the kitchen floor. Someone recommended these shoes to her. She was more than happy for getting this footwear. Now she happily cooks and feels protected while moving around on a smooth floor.

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5.HKR Women’s Walking Shoes Arch Support Comfort Light Weight Mesh Non Slip Work Shoe

These shoes come with stretchable material upper.  Active Air technology in its breathable fabric lets you move with more ease. Some people find it hard to tie their shoes with laces. These shoes are a gift for them for their easy slip-on design. Slip in your foot that’s it. You are good to go.

The shoes come with memory foam insoles with an arch support function that will accommodate people with arch pain. They are recommended for multiple foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc. The shoes’ comfy structure alleviates your walk with every step. The sturdy rubber sole will aid your work and defend you against any tough terrain. Its design is not only functional but very enticing too.

The shoes are so breathable and strongly resist smelly sweat from coming. You can stay odor-free for an extended time with these shoes on. One of the customers had an injury at the bottom of her foot. Her physician asked her to take some rest but she could not afford to take some days off. On the physical therapist’s suggestion, she gave these shoes a try. With HKR walking shoes she got her work done without limping with foot pain. She was the most comfortable than ever.


  • Most comfortable breathable upper
  • Easy slip-on shoes
  • Give arch support
  • Impact absorption
  • Incredible for intense walking
  • Easy to clean
  • very lightweight feel
  • Stylish looking shoes


  • Smell unpleasant at the first time wear

Another customer was having a problem with plantar fasciitis with her former shoes so she decided to change her shoes on some recommendations. After using them for three days her problem was extremely minimized. It went off all later. The shoes helped her completely with his foot pains. She also noticed some improvement in her back area. She calls them now her angel shoes.

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6. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

These shoes have got an upper made of synthetic leather. It is very easy to clean it and maintain it. The attached cushioning all over the shoes makes you feel at ease through the time you are working on. The Sketchers give removable footbeds with shoes that add more to your comfort. They are memory foam made and will be giving a very relaxing feel to your feet. They have soft fabric inner and very shock-absorbing midsoles giving you a sturdy flex.

The padded tongue and collar in the shoes will provide you the needed comfort. The sturdy rubber outsoles will guard you against various slipping surfaces with their very slip-resistant capacity. So, you can do all your activities safely. They are safety-rated for electrical hazards as well.

 My friend worked in a hospital. Sometimes, He had to do duty in the operating room. He told how it was always so painful to be on my feet for long hours. They were more chance of spilled substances on the floor causing the risk of slipping badly. The sudden slips may lead to a serious injury difficult to cure later. He finally got these shoes after reading lots of positive reviews on Amazon.  He was totally unaware of his feet all day long with them. He felt more secure and comfortable. Now, he is the person recommending these shoes to everybody working on concrete or slippery floors


  • Memory foam insoles
  • Soft fabric inner
  • Sturdy rubber outsoles
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Impact absorption
  • Works great on slippery surfaces


  • Limited color range

People don’t need to sacrifice their comfort anymore for a good-looking shoe. That’s why Sketchers made these to make you feel great looking and comfortable all day on your feet.

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7.KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip On 2 Low Height No Lace Chef Food Service Shoe

When you look for comfort and ease KEEN slip-on should be a choice. They are built for standing and comforting your feet for the whole day. They have got a smooth leather upper. The durable upper material is stain resistant and waterproof therefore, very easily cleanable. It’s an easy slip-on design and got a soft toe that is structured to work in hard conditions and gives enough space for movement. The shoe provides you a perfectly secure fit.

 You can wear them without any abrasion with their smooth leather lining. The memory foam footbeds are detachable and you can add your custom orthotics if needed. The great cushioning in the shoes will be giving you lots of underfoot support. The compression moulded midsoles will assist you while working without facing any discomfort.

Its oil and anti-slip outsole will not let you slip at work on smooth surfaces. These shoes meet American Society for Testing and Material standard to make you sure to get secure and tested shoes. They give you a confident and enjoyable walk every day.


  • Maximum support all-day
  • Keep your safety at first
  • Rubber outsole gives traction
  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Removable footbeds
  • Easy to cleans
  • Smooth leather lining
  • Roomy toe-box


  • Available in only two colors

A physician needed a shoe that will work for 90 hours per week. He wanted not only a waterproof material but with the feature of easy cleaning. These shoes were a perfect fit for him. It met all the requirements of the shoes he needed. You can also offer your feet a comfortable experience with these KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On. Have a pleasurable walk at work with them.

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 8.Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Shoe

These shoes are highly comfortable. They don’t come with any fancy footbeds but still very capable of impact absorption. They are comfortable for running. Its construction is kind of soft on the back and strong at the heel part that will protect you from any hard impacts.

When talking about its quality you can find thousands of reviews on amazon telling them amazing. Try them on different trails and surfaces they will not let you down. They are quality built work shoes. The metal eyelets on the shoes add to their look. Specifically, its open hook construction is helpful in quick tightening.

The outsoles are nicely designed and give a good amount of traction. The aggressive design of outsoles will not let you stuck on tricky surfaces and you can even run on slippery surfaces without any trouble. Their beautiful design makes them the best shoes for working on concrete floors. Its sole on the bottom is pretty flexible that will let your heels and ankles work pressure-free.

They also have been tested in extreme weather conditions. They performed fantastically in minus temperature and even felt fine on the extremely hot days as well. They are very ventilated and will prevent your feet from being overheated. So, no troubles for the people either working in too hot or too cold. These shoes are gonna make you feel good anyways.


  • Waterproof shoes
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly comfortable
  • Work great in extreme weathers


  • For extra room, you will have to order a half size bigger

Moreover, you can get them at a very amazing price. they can compete with any of the best shoes with all these features on amazon that are way more expensive than this pair of shoes. So, quality-wise its price factor is one of its selling features. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge shoes made it possible to buy such quality shoes at an affordable price.

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9.Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Wherever you will go and look down one out of every ten people will be wearing Dansko clogs. These clogs are special in various ways. They are particularly designed to give comfort and support to your feet all day. They look hard and durable but very comfortable to wear. According to some reviews on Amazon, they are amazingly comfortable initially but will get even better after a day or two.

Their sizes come in multiple widths, narrow, wide, and extra-wide. They can adjust well with different shapes of the foot. When you put them on you will have a little space between the back and heel counter. That will make your heel float freely up and down but your feet will remain secured in the shoes. You will see an additional protective layer on the heels for more comfort and keep their shape intact.  

The footbeds are dense and supportive. They come with an arch support design that helps to support your foot from heel to toe. You will also see a fun design on the arch support part. That’s kind of a cool thing. When buying shoes it is important to ensure that shoes have space to wiggle your toes in the front. These shoes do provide that roomy toe-box. They are slip-resistant and the grip on the bottom feels great for these shoes.


  • Quality shoes
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Maximum comfort
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Removable footbeds
  • Memory foam cushioning


  • Higher price

I read a review saying that she has a job where she stands for 10n hours without any break. She felt so hurt with her former shoes that she could barely walk at end of her job time. Even buying an expensive pair of insoles did not do any good. She finally got Dansko and felt great instantly at the first wear. She tried them without expensive insoles still these shoes felt great. She swears that she will never gonna change her Dansko work shoes. They are her forever work shoes for ultimate comfort.

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Buying Guide:

  1. At work, your safety comes first. So be careful about the safety feature of the shoes you will buy. You need safety more than anything at your workplace.

2. Most of the foot injuries will happen because of slipping. Rest assured the shoes are slip-resistant to keep injury chances very minimal.

3. The work shoes should be properly cushioned and padded at the place where your foot will rest all day.

4. Breathability is another essential factor to keep you fresh with every step.

We sincerely hope that this article did help you find your perfect feet partner. For Cleaning Tips

Enjoy your work to make others enjoy the results!

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